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Arkia Profile

ARKIA Gains International Momentum

Arkia Israeli Airlines Ltd. was founded in 1950 to establish an air link between Eilat and the northern part of the country. Arkia Airlines carries more than 1,600,000 passengers a year on domestic and international routes. In recent years, the company has expanded its business operations to include incoming tourism, maintenance services, and facilities for aircraft and ground handling for foreign airlines.

Array Of Tourism Services (also on the web)

Tourism services such as vacation packages, hotel bookings, organized tours and car rentals are now a main focus of Arkia’s operations.
At Arkia.com and Arkia.co.il a reservation system for flights, hotels, tour packages and other related services in Israel and worldwide is provided.

Designation As A Scheduled Carrier

Arkia is commercially open In 34 countries available for sales In all  4  major GDS (1A,1P,1S,1G) ,Member of IATA/ICH+SIS/ARC  and has  IET partnership with worldwide largest airlines .
Arkia has been officially appointed as a designated carrier with scheduled international routes to several destinations: Paris (France), Munich & Düsseldorf (Germany), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), larnaca (Cyprus), Dublin (Ireland),  Amman (Jordan), Barcelona & Madrid (Spain), Tbilisi (Georgia), Oslo (Norway), Helsinki (Finland), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Yerevan (Armenia)and Kyiv (Ukraine). Arkia has agreements with overseas airlines that include connecting flights to the USA and Far East ( with  GCC carriers) , as well as connecting flights within Europe.

Growing Domestic/International Flights and Tourism Operation

In 2012 Arkia carried more than 1,600,000 passengers on domestic and international flights. In addition, Arkia operates air tours. The local sales network consists of offices in Israel’s major cities as well as 600 travel agencies nationwide. The company has representatives throughout the world. Its flight schedule appears on the computer terminals of all major travel agencies and airlines.

Wide Range Of Activities And Services
Arkia has expanded its carefully developed service orientation into related areas. These include domestic cargo, aviation services provided to foreign companies and executive flights, aerial tours in Israel, flight training, maintenance services, and consulting.

Aircraft Maintenance

At Ben Gurion  Airport, Arkia operates a repair station for maintenance overhaul for light and medium planes. This station is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Israeli Air Force and is also certified for ISO 9001 by the Standards Institution of Israel. More than 85% of the staff are Israeli Air Force graduates. They are the backbone of the company’s proven record of reliability and safety.

Advanced Information System
Arkia utilizes advanced information technology to help manage and control its wide range of activities. Its new and developed reservation system was adopted during the year 2003 for both domestic and international reservations. This system enables Arkia to sell all the services it offers such as seats on flights, tour packages, hotel reservations and car rentals.

The fleet

Currently, the company transports over a million passengers annually and operates a Boeing 757-300, three Embarrass E-195, two E-190 and Airbus - A-321 Neo LR



The History of Arkia - Six decades of Aviation and Tourism

The Early Years - Arkia Takes Off
In March 1949, Umm Rash-Rash (Eilat) is conquered and becomes Israel's most southern point. The long, harsh and dangerous road made it necessary to establish an air link to the settlement. At the end of 1949, Minister of Transport David Remez, decides to set up a domestic airline in place of Aviron with the help of El Al, which was founded several months earlier. Since the sole purpose of the company is to establish a link with Eilat, the company is called Eilata.

In December 1950, the airline takes on a new name: Arkia.
The airline operates two 36-seat Comando C-46s acquired from the Israeli Air Force. During the year, Arkia operates two weekly flights to Eilat. The total number of passengers reaches 13,000, its staff numbers 11 administrative employees, while the ground and air crews belong to El Al. The airline's total revenue that year reaches 80,000 Israeli liras.

Arkia introduces a six-seat Dragon Rapide aircraft to its fleet from the IAF surplus. The flight frequency rises to two daily Rapide flights and three weekly Comando flights. The number of passengers grows to 20,000. In 1953, Arkia hires its first pilot, Asher Gerson.

Arkia sells its Rapide and acquires two 32-seat Dakota DC-3s from the IAF surplus, lent to the IAF during the Sinai Campaign. In 1956, Arkia's flight frequency increases to two daily flights and the number of passengers climbs to 23,000. During that year Arkia hires its first flight attendant, Baruch Dricker (Berele).


The Sinai Campaign increases the sense of security in southern Israel and the air traffic on Arkia flights soars to 66,000 passengers, which requires Arkia to increase its fleet to four Dakotas. During the year, the airline's staff grows to 53, 12 of whom are aircrew. Arkia branches out and begins selling vacation packages to Eilat, including airport transfers, guided tours, meals, hotels and buses in the city.

Arkia’s fleet consists of four Dakotas and two small 10-seat Beechcrafts. The airline transfers its flights from Lod Airport to Sde Dov and introduces a route to Mahanayim in the Galilee.

The total passengers exceeds the 100,000 mark and the airline purchases another Dakota. Arkia also begins international flights for El Al, which are terminated soon afterwards due to the condition of the aircraft, and becomes involved in cloud seeding using silver iodide. One of the Arkia's Dakotas is adapted for this purpose.

Arkia acquires two 50-seat Herald aircraft and then add another one a year later in place of the first Dakota. The enlarged fleet allows the airline to increase Eilat flights as well as secondary flights to Rosh Pina (Mahanayim), Masada and Be'er Sheva (as a stopover on the way to and from Eilat). In mid 1966, Arkia retires two more Dakota planes.

The expansion of Israel's borders following the Six Day War paves the way for new routes for Arkia. It starts flying to Atarot Airport near Jerusalem, on the way to and from Eilat and prepares the air strip in Haifa for flights to Eilat and Jerusalem. New routes are introduced to the Sinai tourist cities of Santa Catarina and Sharm-el-Sheikh. El Al, which replaced its fleet with jet aircraft, transfers their short routes to Arkia. Arkia starts flying to Cyprus four times a week and later on six times a week successfully until 1974.

Arkia acquires three 80-seat Viscount aircraft. Since they cannot take off from Sde Dov, Arkia opens another operation base at Lod airport.


With 580,000 passengers and 6,800 flights, Arkia operates an aircraft fleet that includes five Heralds and three Viscounts. However, this flight equipment is unsuitable for short landings and routes inside Israel, so Arkia enters a partnership with Kanaf and together they set up Kanfei Arkia, which then operates 10-seat Island twin engine aircraft to service the short destinations, such as Be'er Sheva, Masada, Sodom, Ein Yahav, Mitzpe Ramon and Haifa.

Arkia incurs losses due to the Yom Kippur War and long reserve duty. The domestic passenger traffic drops to 630,000, so the company decided to expand its operations beyond Israel's borders. For this purpose, it purchases two 114-seat BAC 11-1 planes to replace the Heralds still in service. However, the accumulated loss, together with the commitment to purchase the aircraft, leads the ownership to sell Arkia to private owners in February 1980.

The 1980s

In the 1980s, under the new ownership Arkia undergoes major changes to its fleet, areas of operation, staff and management. The company employs 600 workers and operates in three primary areas: domestic flights, international charter flights and aircraft maintenance. In 1989, Arkia transports 420,000 passengers on domestic flights and 100,000 passengers on 355 overseas charter flights.

The 1990s
Arkia is Israel’s largest travel and aviation company. From a domestic airline, Arkia becomes a travel and aviation company, marketing Israel to the entire world and offering overseas charter flights as well as maintenance and aircraft charter services. The group enters into significant partnerships in the travel and aviation industry, becoming a force to be reckoned with in Israel.

21st Century
In 2006, Arkia is acquired by the Nakash Group, bringing about new vision to the company.
Arkia takes off in the new century and operates dozens of flights daily, around the clock, to many destinations in Israel and across the globe. Domestically, Arkia operates flights to Eilat from Ben Gurion  airports.
Arkia also operates regular flights and charters to many European and Mediterranean destinations including Amsterdam, Rome, Munich, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Crete, Cyprus and Antalya and regular flights to Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Georgia, Dublin, Armenia and other destinations.
Currently, the company transports over a million passengers annually and operates a Boeing 757-300, three Embarrass E-195 and two E-190.
Towards the end of 2018, aircrafts Airbus 321 NEO were added to Arkia's fleet, which will increase the flight range and range of destinations covered by Arkia.

Arkia Fleet

Embraer E-195
No.  of aircrafts – 3
No.  of seats on the aircraft – 122
Use – Domestic flights, regular and charter flights to Europe
Business and special domestic and international flights

Embraer E-190
No.  of aircrafts – 1
No.  of seats on the aircraft – 110
Use – Domestic flights, regular and charter flights to Europe
Business and special domestic and international flights

Airbus – A-321 Neo LR
No.  of aircrafts – 3
No.  of seats on the aircraft – 214
Use – Domestic flights, regular and charter flights to Europe and Far-East
Business and special domestic and international flights

Arkia Destination Map

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Italy: Bergamo, Milan, Sicily, Rome
India: Goa, Kochi

Africa: Zanzibar
Ireland: Dublin

England: London
Pamporovo, Plovdiv
Georgia: Tbilisi, Batumi
Germany: Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne
Denmark: Copenhagen
Holland: Amsterdam
Hungary: Budapest
Thailand: Bangkok,
Pattaya, Hua Hin
Greece: Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Crete, Kos, Mykonos
Macedonia: orchid

Spain: Barcelona
Czech Republic: Prague
France: Paris, Nice
Cyprus: Larnaca, Paphos, aya napa, Limassol, protaras
Croatia: Rijeka
Romania: Bucharest 

Portugal: Porto, Lisbon

Serbia: Belgrade


Sweden: Stockholm 
Switzerland: Basel
Azerbaijan: Baku 
Russia: Moscow 
Poland: Warsaw, Krakow and Katowice 
Ukraine: Kiev and Odessa
Norway: Oslo
Finland: Helsinki
Armenia: Yerevan
Tanzania: Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar

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