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  • The City of...

    The city of Acre (Akko), the capital of the Western Galilee, is located on the charming beaches of the Mediterranean Sea on the northern part of Haifa Bay. Acre is one of the hundred wonders of the world and was chosen in 2001 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is also the holiest city of the Baha’i faithThe city is full of unique attractions and historic sites dating back to the Crusader and Ottoman historical eras, drawing more than one million tourists each year.

  • Story of...

    The city of Acre is in the Western Galilee, 26 km (16 mi) north of Haifa, and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Israel, and is mentioned in the Bible. Throughout its history, Acre provided a strategic coastel link between Asia and the Levant. Acre's population reflects a unique blend of ethnic groups and religions: Jews, Muslims, Christians, Armenians, Druze, and Bahais who live in exemplary coexistence.

    Five Great Reasons to Visit Acre:

    • The Old City and its walls harbor many historical sites. The renovated Knights' Halls of the Hospitaller Fortress defended Acre during the Crusades (11th century). Some of the vestiges from the Ottoman period are the Inn of the Columns and Hammam Al Basha (the Turkish Bath). Treasures in the Walls is an ethnographic museum, and the Enchanted Garden from Crusader times is now part of the Visitor Center.
    • Worship services of Acre: The Ramhal Synagogue is named after Rabbi Moshe Haim Luzatto, a kabbalist who wrote Mesilat Yesharim (The Way of the Just), a famous book on ethics; the Franciscan Terra Sancta Church was built here out of the Franciscan belief that St. Francis of Assisi visited Acre in 1219; The El-Jazar Mosque is the largest mosque in Israel outside Jerusalem and was built by the Ottoman rulers of Acre; the city is also home to part of the Baha'i World Center (the other part being in Haifa).
    • The Turkish Bazaar is a bustling market boasting seasonal produce, fresh baked bread and sweets, kitchenware, colorful clothing, knick-knacks, toys and spices piled high.
    • A stroll along the seafront, atop the ancient city walls, with a view of the marina and fishing port, and stunning views of the Mediterranean, particularly at sunset.
    • The city of Acre is a great base for visiting the Western Galilee, from the Keshet Cave to Nahariya, from the Monfort to Haifa.

  • Attractions

    The Museum of the Underground Prisoners is a contemplation and meditation place, even more so for the fighters who were imprisoned there. Cross the drawbridge to enter the fortress, look down into the deep moat, and you’ll ask yourself if anyone ever survived jumping out of the prison window. The museum has undergone extensive renovations, and today there are life-size models in the old cells and on the exercise yard.
    The Mosque of Jezzar Pasha is a significant religious site in Acre. A shrine in the mosque contains a single hair from the prophet Mohammed's beard. It is shown only on ceremonial occasions, but the shrine, on the second level, can be visited at other times as well.
    The Citadel of Acre is from Ottoman times and was built on the ruins of a Crusaders fortress. It reinforced the city’s northern wall. Following their loss of Jerusalem, the Crusaders ruled their kingdom from the Citadel for one hundred years (1191-1291). In modern times it became a large British prison.
    Just 5 km (3 mi) outside Acre, on Kibbutz Lochamei Hagetaot, is the Ghetto Fighters' House – the world's first Holocaust museum and more importantly, the first of its kind to be founded by Holocaust survivors.

    The museum was built in 1949, and tells the story of World War II and the Holocaust in vivid detail, emphasizing the bravery and the mental strength of Holocaust survivors.
    Rosh Hanikra is an incredible geological phenomenon, at the farthest point on the Mediterranean coastline of Israel and just meters away from Lebanon (12 min from Acre). The caves at Rosh Hanikra were created over thousands of years by the waves pounding the beach, and after a short cable-car ride down the cliff, you can follow well-marked trails to explore these incredible formations.
    In the remote hills of the Western Galilee (35 km or 22 mi from Acre) lies the Tefen Open Museum, an extraordinary cluster of exhibits in a very unique setting: an industrial park, though not a typical one. The park was the vision Stef Wertheimer, an Israeli industrialist, and was designed to promote art and prosperity in backwater regions of the country, by providing a green and beautiful setting for artists. The displays are multi-faceted: a gallery of Israeli art; a beautiful sculpture garden, with works of art by Israel’s leading sculptors; a museum of German-speaking Jews; a collection of classic cars, including some 40 cars from the 1930,; and a museum of industrial art, where you can learn about the evolution of cutting and chiseling techniques.
  • Restaurants

    Hummous Saeed - one of Israel's top hummus restaurant. It's always full, so come here early.
    Uri Buri is located on the promenade of the Old City, in a large space with high ceilings, and is one of the best fish and seafood restaurant in Israel.
    Saraia, on the new promenade in Acre, is the fusion of Middle Eastern foods with touches of Western flavors.The period furnishings, varied menu and great atmosphere will turn this into a memorable experience
    Mor VeKinamon is a kosher Israeli restaurant, in an old rebuilt Arab house. The menu features meat and fish dishes, a great bar area and an extensive wine listHalechem VeHadagim
    The Loaves and Fishes is another great fish and seafood restaurant, with large windows overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Best Shopping

    Discover the sound and the energy of the best Galilee markets. Whether it is in the streets of the Old City in Acre, at  the Tarshicha Saturday market (25 km or 16 mi from Acre), the Kfar Yasif Thursday market (13 km or 8 mi from Acre) or the Arabe Tuesday and Saturday market (40 km or 25 mi from Acre), you'll find this an authentic and intense experience. You can buy fresh produce, bread and local cheeses for a picnic, or maybe a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, special herbs or a box of baklava and knaffeh to take home with you.

    At Tarshicha, also look for the Blacksmith's Workshop, producing all kinds of tools and household items. And who can resist browsing for clothes, shoes, jewelry and even CDs at such colorful and ethnic locations?
  • Tips and trips

    In the Acre Visitor Center, at the Enchanted Garden, you can buy combined tickets to some of the tourist attractions in Acre and the surround areas such as Rosh Hanikra and Ghetto Fighters' House.
    Efendi Hotel is hidden in the authentic and narrow lanes of Acre, with a view of the historic city walls and the Mediterranean Sea. The unique hotel, recently voted one of the best new hotels in the world, is spread over two ancient houses, steeped in history and meticulously reconstructed. Spend a night in this magical hotel.

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