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    Herzliya is named after Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism.  For many it is just a suburb, north of Tel Aviv, but for many others it's a city in its own right. Herzliya Pituach, one of Israel's most exclusive neighborhoods, is a beach community with ambassadors and celebrities among its residents. The city boasts a few archeological treasures, a beautiful beach, fine restaurants and an upscale atmosphere that make it a great place to relax that is just a short drive from Tel Aviv.

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    Herzliya is conveniently located on the Israel Mediterranean coastline, in central-west Israel, just 16 km (10 mi) north of Tel Aviv and 80 km (49 ml) of Jerusalem. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate – hot weather and humid summers, not-too-rainy winters.

    Five Great Reasons to Visit Herzliya:

    • The Herzliya Marina, the largest in Israel, has several berths for mega yachts, as well as smaller boats. The marina area boasts a glamorous waterfront, and you can charter a sailboat or a catamaran from outfits like Aloha Yam. 
    Whether you're looking to unwind, enjoy a little bit of romance or go on full-on booze cruise, this might be just what the doctor ordered.• For most tourists, the beach is one of Herzliya's main attractions. While it isn't the most beautiful in Israel, it is very clean and attractive, has a lifeguard, and is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon, away from the over-crowded Tel Aviv beaches.
    • Peace and quiet is the name of the game in Herzliya, and one of its major draws is the lack of the hustle and bustle that characterizes Tel Aviv.
    • However, if proximity to a big city is what you're looking for, the city lies just 15-minute drive north of Tel Aviv, Israel's most vibrant metropolis. Whether you're looking for sun and surf, a culinary adventure, great architecture and cultural delights, or non-stop nightlife, Tel Aviv is the place for you.
  • Attractions

    The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, founded in 1965, is home to Israeli and international contemporary art. The museum displays artwork that offers different takes on social and political issues, while fostering the future generation of Israeli art.
    For a little history, northwest of Herzliya Pituach is Apollonia National Park, where the ruins of an ancient Crusader city have been excavated in recent years. Right by the sea, with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean, you can also visit 

    Apollonia’s Roman villa, as well as wine presses and water cisterns.The retreating coastline has uncovered the remains of shipwrecks and their cargo, including an iron canon and many other archeological finds.
    The Shefayim Water Park, 10 km (6 mi) north of Herzliya, was the first of its kind in Israel. It has 26 slides, 8 different sections, and loads of fun attractions for children and adults alike - a Flying Circus, a Wave Pool, a Fantasy World, a Tropical World, Tubing and much more.
    Raanana Park, one of the largest in the Sharon area, is just a few kilometers inland from Herzliya. This large and well-groomed green lung has many benches near a big lake, jogging and bicycle paths, sports facilities, a few playgrounds with lots of activities for children, and even a small zoo, called Gan-Hai, with a new bird-watching center, a café and an exhibition space for works of art.
  • Restaurants

    Segev is an elegant restaurant, helmed by renowned Israeli chef Segev Moshe. The food is matched with its unique setting and atmosphere, but comes with a "nice" price.
    At Running Sushi, the plates go round and round on a conveyor belt. All you have to do is to wait for your favorite sushi and help yourself. The restaurant is in the heart of the Herzliya Pituach business district and is beautifully designed with contemporary clean lines and soft lighting. You can sit by the bar and 

    watch a team of skilled sushi chefs prepare the dishes or at tables with a view of the pretty garden outside.
    Vino Socca
    is a kosher Italian restaurant, helmed by Chef Ishay Atias, who blends European cuisine with touches of Mediterranean. The dishes are prepared from the freshest produce and are wonderfully presented. Keep in mind that the restaurant is open only on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    Ocean Seafood Bar is located in the heart of all the action in Herzliya Pituach. The atmosphere is pleasant, relaxing and aesthetic, and the wooden tables are set along a large aquarium. You can choose between a large number of fish, a platter of seafood or shrimp stir-fried in a tequila and Tabasco sauce.
  • Best Shopping

    Herzliya boasts two of the largest and most exclusive shopping malls in Israel:
    Arena nestles up to the marina and has a wide selection of fashion boutiques, as well as major chain stores, cafés and restaurants. Even the building itself is uniquely attractive, and the setting is spectacular.
    The Seven Stars Mall is further inland, and is one of the most sought-after shopping centers in the country. It caters to residents of the whole Sharon region, and has 

    136 shops and boutiques, as well as fast food restaurants and cafés, a bowling alley, go-karts and a vast array of activities for children and adults alike.
  • Tips and Trips

    • If you're into extreme sports, Herzliya has a wealth of activities just for you.
    For more details, contact the Ski and Snowboarding School in the city.
    • If you're looking to luxuriate a bit, travel a few kilometers north to the Gaash Hot Springs, a thermo-mineral spa offering water massages with high pressure sulfur jets, dry and wet sauna, swimming pool, kosher restaurant and coffee shop, and a full treatment and spa center.

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