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    In Jerusalem, the State of Israel capital, there is something for everyone. Jerusalem's Jewish, Christian and Muslim history touches us all and no other city means so much to so many people. Over the years, the Holy City has changed its face and became the perfect blend of old and new. Amidst the historical sites at every turn, the city offers many modern attractions, a vibrant yet calm nightlife, and special cuisine.

  • Story of..

    Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. The Holy City is located in the Judean Mountains, at the northern edge of the Dead Sea. During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, and the theater of war, kill and murder. In 1538, Suleiman the Magnificent decided to build walls around the city. Today, those walls define the Old City, which has been traditionally divided into four quarters - the Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim Quarters.
    The Old City became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981.

    Five Great Reasons to Visit Jerusalem:

    • The Old City of Jerusalem is steeped in thousands of years of history, and the sacred atmosphere that envelopes the holy sites is almost tangible. For Christians, following the footsteps of Jesus down Via Dolorosa, the way he was taken, bearing the cross on his back, to the site of his crucifixion, is a moving experience. Jewish people are stirred by a visit to the City of David archeological site, and watching the excavations revealing the city that King David built 3,000 years ago.

    And what can match the majesty of the Dome of the Rock for Muslims all over the world? Other must-see sites include the Western Wall and the Tunnels, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the narrow streets of the Old City.
    • Jerusalem is not only a city steeped in history, it's also a city of culture and renewal. Culturally speaking, it boasts 70 museums, first and foremost the Israel Museum, where you can spend many hours browsing through this expansive collection of art and artifacts, as well as the sculpture garden overlooking the city. The Museum of Italian Jewish Art was founded in 1981, and displays objects pertaining to Jewish life in Italy from the Middle Ages to the present, and the Museum of Islamic Art is home to the world's most comprehensive exhibits of Islamic works. On the renewal side, you can admire Calatrava's Chords Bridge, and visit the Israeli Parliament, or Knesset, a beautiful building sitting on a hilltop. If you're visiting Jerusalem in May or June, don't miss the world-famous Jerusalem Festival, three weeks of groundbreaking performances.
    The Night Spectacular of the lit walls - This 45 minute sound and light show takes place at the Tower of David, a fine backdrop to a stunning performance.
    The views from Mount Zion - Between the Old City and the Valley of Hinnom is Mount Zion, where you can visit some important sites - Abbey of the Dormition and the Cenacle (Room of the Last Supper) - and most importantly, enjoy a breathtaking view of Jerusalem.
    • In Latrun, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, visit Mini Israel, and you'll get to see the whole of Israel in just a few hours. This marvelous park is home to more than 350 miniature models of Israel's most important archeological, religious and historical sites, at a scale of 1:25.
  • Attractions

    Yad Vashem - The world's largest Holocaust Museum commemorates the six million Jews murdered in World War II and the story in the concentration camps. The remarkable museum provides a stirring experience utilizing video, audio, photography and artifacts about the Holocaust.

    If the cramped quarters of the city are too much, Jerusalem has lots of open spaces - from parks and gardens to a Botanical Garden and the Biblical Zoo. The latter is a haven for lions, bears, cheetahs, Nile crocodiles and more, and spans 62 acres of land surrounded by hills, 

    artificial pools and waterfalls to discover.

    62 acres of land surrounded by hills, artificial pools and waterfalls to discover.

    The Time Elevator
    is an unforgettable journey through 3,000 years of history, beginning with the City of David and ending with the 1967 Six Day War. A combination of moving platforms and special effects, this 35-minute journey brings Jerusalem's most dramatic moments to life.

    Ein Kerem
    - One of Israel's charming secrets is an ancient biblical village, within the boundaries of Jerusalem, perfect for eating ice cream, holding hands and strolling. It is equally valued by pilgrims as the birthplace of John the Baptist and the location of Mary's Well. Others come here to wander among its plethora of galleries, enchanting stone buildings, excellent restaurants and magnificent mountain views.
  • Restaurants

    Falafel, lafa, shwarma, meat, fish, all tastes are in Jerusalem. The main restaurants of the holy city are located on Jaffa street in the city center, but also in uptown of Emek Refaim or Mamillia a few steps from the Western Wall.

    If you adhere to the most stringent kosher certifications, Noya offers fine dining in an elegantly furnished atmosphere, just a short walk from the Old City walls.
    If gourmet and a bit of history is your thing, 1868 is located in the first house built outside the Old City Walls.

    The chef dishes up an international menu that integrates classic and modern local flavors.
    And if you're looking for a day trip and a culinary must stop, there's nothing like Abu Gosh, an Arab village just outside Jerusalem. Especially celebrated for its hummus, it offers a number of excellent restaurants known for grilled meats, fresh fish, tasty salads and sticky sweets. The two most talked about spots are the Abu Gosh Restaurant and the Lebanese Restaurant.
  • Best Shopping

    Jerusalem is famous for its shopping store. Buy a souvenir or two in the alleyways of the Old City or in the Jerusalem's hotels 
    Add to that the top-of-the-line fashion and jewelry boutiques that have sprung up across Jerusalem in recent years, or in the new Mamilla Mall. This outdoor-indoor shopaholic paradise has big-name retailers alongside Israeli designers.

    Shuk Mahane Yehuda
    is easily one of 

    Israel's most beloved attractions and is also the country's most celebrated market. It is a covered outdoor market that is home to at least 250 vendors selling fresh produce, cheese, wines, fresh fish and meats, sweets, baked goods, clothing, spices and pretty much everything else.
  • Tips and Trips

    The climate in Jerusalem is more rough than other Israel cities. Don't forget to pack a sweater even in summer, as the nights can be quite chilly.
    • If you're the sporty type, why not combine a visit to Jerusalem (in March) with what is dubbed the "breathtaking marathon"? The Jerusalem Marathon is known as much for its incredible views of the city as for its challenging, hilly terrain, and involves 15,000 athletes from over 50 countries.
    • The Sultan's Pool was formed by building a dam across the

    Valley of Hinnom to the south. Today, this majestic venue is often used for large-scale operas and concerts.
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