Flying with Pets

Traveling with pets in the cargo hold:

·    Each animal is in a separate cage approved by Arkia.

·    Only animals that do not pose any threat to the employees of the company handling them, the crew and the passengers may fly.

·      Dogs will only be transported if muzzled.

·    Wild animals or dangerous pets will be transported only if anesthetized and are under the supervision of a certified veterinarian.

·    Appropriate approvals must be presented for international flights (see details further on).

·      Pet service is provided for a fixed rate, which is collected at the airport.

·   The passenger must provide a suitable cage for international flights. On domestic flights, passengers may rent a cage at the airport, based on availability.

Traveling with pets in the cabin:

Animals may travel in the cabin on domestic and international Arkia flights, subject to the following conditions: 

·   The pet is a guide dog accompanying a blind passenger. The dog must weigh less than 8 kg (including cage) and measures maximum 40x20x40cm, enabling the pet to be stored under or in front of the passenger's seat.

·   The pet will be transported in a ventilated closed bag, lined with absorbent material. It is the responsibility of the passenger to bring the appropriate documents and present them prior to departure in order to obtain approval from the Arkia representative.

·   Animals with an offensive odor or signs of illness will not be allowed on board.

·   Pet service is provided for a fixed fee (excluding guide dogs), which will be collected at the airport.

·   A special "Traveling with Pets" form must be signed.

·   Traveling with a pet must be arranged when booking the flight.

Required documentation and certification:

Each passenger is responsible for checking that their pet may enter the destination country and present the required certification prior to departure.
Kindly note that certain countries, e.g. the UK, forbid bringing pets into the country. Each passenger must present a relative valid vaccination certificate at the airport.