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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service:

Terms of Service of Arkia's Click website


1. Arkia's Click website is operated by Arkia Israel Airlines Ltd and Arkia Group (hereinafter: the Site or Arkia). The Israeli tax laws exempt tourists in certain cases from payment of VA at hotels and car rental in Israel; and the Site serves as an e-commerce site for the purchase of product and/o services in the field of aviation and tourism by web surfers outside Israel with foreign citizenship, who may use their foreign citizenship when entering Israel. It is emphasized that without an updated visa stamp to Israel, tourists will be charged VAT.
2.   Use of the site is subject to the terms described in the Terms of Use below: These Terms of Use constitute an 
agreement between Arkia and the user. Users are requested to read them carefully, as their rights and liabilities are
determined accordingly.
3. The users' approval in the Terms of Use margin (by clicking "I agree to that set forth in the Terms of Use") constitute absolute irrevocable agreement on the part of the user to everything stated in the Terms of Use and therefore they and/or anyone on their behalf will have no claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit, directly and/or indirectly, against Arkia and/or any of its owners and/or any of its directors and/or on their behalf, except under that specified in the Terms of Use.
4.   Arkia reserves the right to change that set forth in these Terms of Use at any time and any such change shall be valid from the date of including it in the Site. The binding Terms of Use with respect to any booking are those appearing on the Site when placing the booking.
5. That stated in masculine tense in the Terms of Use also implies the feminine tense, and the reverse.
6. Surfing the Site and/or purchasing a product and/or service through it and/or the call center number
or any other telephone number leading to it represents your agreement to accept and behave according to the Terms of Use. Therefore, they must read fully and carefully.
7.   If you disagree with any of the terms of these Terms of Use and/or the booking agreement specified therein, you are requested not to make any use of the Site. Your surfing the site and/or making any purchases means your full to that set forth in these Terms of Use.
8. The provisions of these Terms of Use and the attached booking summary are an inseparable part thereof, apply to any
use and purchase made on the Site, and constitute the legal basis in any matter between
you and the Site and/or against any of its owners and/or operators. Therefore, you are requested to read these Terms of Usefully and carefully.
In any event of discrepancy and/or difference between that set forth in these Terms of
Use and the booking summary,
that stated in the booking summary prevails over that in these Terms of Use.


9.   The Company allows you to purchase various products and services through the Site and/or call center.
10. In order to book a product or service presented on the Site, select the requested product or service and enter the page containing further information about it.
11. In order to go to the booking form on the Site, you must register by typing information such as user name, password, email address, telephone number, etc.
12. Take note - registration for the site is approval for Arkia to email you information from time to time concerning its services as well as marketing and advertising information relating to a similar type product or service to the one you purchased when providing the information. You may at any time request to cease receiving such information according that stated in the Site's Privacy Policy, which is also attached to these Terms of Use and is an inseparable part thereof. 
13. Those booking on the Site must ensure they have the following in their possession: 
      13.1 A passport which is valid for at least six month from the date of departure from Israel.
      13.2 An entry visa to the countries you plan to visit.
14. Arkia is not liable for any passenger damage caused by failure to obtain an appropriate visa or departing for overseas with an unsuitable visa, without any visa at all or with a restricted passport or non allowance of entry into any country for any reason, including refusal to issue a visa because the passenger is a citizen of an enemy country of the country  which issued the visa.
15. It is clarified and emphasized that booking on the Arkia site is not Arkia’s confirmation for placing the booking. A final confirmation of the booking and the credit card debit will only be implemented once final approval is received from the credit card company.
16. Take note that submitting false information is a criminal offense and is expected to lead to legal proceedings, including lawsuits for damages caused to Arkia and/or any of the other service providers and/or anyone on their behalf, due to and/or with respect to provision of the false information.
17. Any error made by the user in typing the purchase particulars, including errors in selecting the flight destination,  number of tickets and/or quantity of services booked and/or an error concerning the age of the passengers will be
the user's sole responsibility.

18. In cases where the credit card company fails to confirm the transaction, the user will receive appropriate notice from Arkia's representatives. To complete the purchase, the user will be required to contact Arkia's customer service call center telephonically to organize the credit card company's approval to execute the transaction. The transaction will only be considered complete once the credit information has been provided. If the user fails to organize the confirmation within seven days of receiving the notice of the credit card company's refusal to confirm execution of the transaction and in any event no less than three days prior to the due date for provision of the service, Arkia will be entitled to cancel the booking.
19. The rates of the products and services sold through the Site and the booking call center change from time to time. If there is a discrepancy between the rates specified on the Site and the actual rates at the booking center, the rate at the booking center is the effective rate.
20. The rates stipulated in foreign currency will be collected at the high transfer and check exchange rate of that currency on the payment date. Payment is made in U.S. dollars. it is customer's responsibility to pay for the 
        difference in the exchange rate.

Ownership and Protection of Rights:

21. The Site, the trademarks included therein and any other model connected thereto are the sole private property of Arkia, or if other commercial entities are advertised therein, of those entities. Users of this Site are forbidden to make any changes to the items of information, software, products and/or services and/or  anything else on the site and are not permitted to copy, distribute, reproduce, publish, sell and/or make any use, directly or indirectly, of information and/or anything else on the Site unless prior written consent has been provided by Arkia.
22. Illegal use of this Site and/or the information appearing therein is a breach of the copyrights and/or other laws connected to the Site.
23. The user declares that he/she is aware that the Site, all the information therein, andits form and design are the sole  property of Arkia, or if advertisements of others are advertised, the property of these advertisers.

Legitimacy of using the Site:

Any user is entitled to use the Site and make purchases, subject to fulfillment of the cumulative terms specified as follows:
24.1 The user is qualified to perform binding legal actions. If you are a minor (under age 18) or are not entitled to  perform legal actions without the consent of a guardian, your use of the Site will be considered as  having received the consent of your guardian.
24.2 The user, above 18 years of age, is not an Israeli citizen, and is the holder of all the necessary documents for  the journey.
24.3 The user is the holder of a valid non Israeli international credit card.
24.4 The user is the holder of a web mailbox and an address outside Israel.

Transaction cancellation and change:

Cancellation of transactions will be carried out under the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: the Consumer Protection Law). If all the conditions specified hereafter are fulfilled (without exception), reduced cancellation fees apply amounting to 5% of the transaction price or NIS 100, whichever is lower: 
25.1 The booking was made telephonically or online directly by the consumer, as defined in the Consumer  Protection Law (Consumer – someone who purchases a commodity or receives a service from a dealer during  the course of his business primarily for personal, household or family use);
25.2 The booking was made eight or more business days prior to departure;
25.3 The consumer cancels the booking in writing within 14 days from making the booking;
25.4 The cancellation is made at least seven business days prior to the departure date. 
26. A written cancellation must be sent to fax number +972-3-9600806. A phone number must be noted on the back of
the fax
for our representative to call back.
27. Any booking cancellation/change shall be executed by written notice only (by letter of fax) and subject to the Consumer Protection Law. The effective cancellation/change date is the date the cancellation/change letter/fax is received at Arkia's offices. If the date of receipt of the notice is a day of rest, the cancellation/change date will be considered the first business day following the day of rest. The cancellation enters into effect upon the receipt of a cancellation approval number from Arkia’s representative.
28. Arkia advises the Site users to purchase medical, baggage and cancellation fee insurance and to check the terms of these insurance policies.
29. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid , it is hereby clarified that if pregnant women decide to fly at their own discretion and responsibility after it is clarified that harm and/or injury may be caused to a pregnant woman and/or fetus traveling up to week 27 of pregnancy inclusive, on any flight to any destination,  their signature on the booking form and/or upon receipt of the tickets and/or when making the booking at Arkia releases Arkia and/or anyone on its behalf from responsibility. Moreover, and without derogating from the aforesaid generality   a pregnant passenger from week 28 to 33 exclusive, who decides to fly must bring a medical certificate with
her in English stipulating that there is no hindrance to fly and no fear of early birth.

        Cancellation fees for Zanzibar and the Seychelles:
        From 40 days to 30 days prior to the date of departure, 50% of the package value will be charged.
        From 30 days to 21 days before the date of departure, 75% of the value of the package will be charged.
        From 21 days to the date of the departure, 100% of the value of the package will be charged.
Privacy protection and confidentiality:

30. Arkia respects the customer's privacy and takes the customary measures to protect it as far as possible. To read the Site's updated privacy policy, click here. Since the privacy policy may change occasionally, it is advisable to reread the policy document from time to time.

Other terms:

Presenting the products and/or services on the Site is not expression of an opinion concerning their nature or quality. The pictures of the products and/or services on the Site are for illustration only and differences are possible between the pictures shown on the Site, in part or in whole, and the products and/or services actually sold.
32. If a typing error was made in the description and/or rate of the product and/or service shown on the Site, this does not bind Arkia, but it will be entitled to cancel the transaction.
33. Arkia is not liable for the contents of the advertisements in the links on the Site leading to other sites which may be reached through those links.
34. Arkia does not guarantee that the links in any link will lead to an active website.
35. Arkia and/or anyone on its behalf are not liable and shall not bear any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user or a third party resulting from use or purchase through the Site not in accordance with these Terms of Use, which is amotive for the legal action, if any.
36. Arkia and/or any of the Site operators and/or anyone on their behalf are not responsible for the Site server to be clear of viruses and/or other components which could harm a computer and/or other equipment due to visiting the Site. Moreover, Arkia is not liable for any damage caused from any failure and/or delay when attempting to enter the Site.
37. Arkia will not bear liability for any illegal acts performed and/or occurring on the Site by a user and/or another entity. The user will indemnify and/or compensate Arkia and/or anyone on its behalf for any claim and/or expense and/or damage and/or legal fees applicable to Arkia as a result of the user's use of the Site.
38. Icons, any information and/or presentation appearing on the Site, including graphics, design, verbal display, trademarks, logos as well as the editing and display of these are under the sole ownership of Arkia and/or anyone on its behalf. The contents appearing in the Site may not be copied, reproduced, published or used in any other manner unless Arkia provides its prior written consent.
39. Arkia's computer records concerning the transactions carried out through the Site will be considered as allegedly correct transactions.
40. Arkia is entitled to cancel a transaction and/or sale, in whole or in part:
40.1 In the event of a typing error in the quote between the product rate and the product description;
40.2 If quotes for the products/services offered for sale are rejected;
40.3 If it is discovered that a communication fault and/or another technical problem has occurred which prevents  users from being able to continue participating properly in the sale;
40.4 In the event of force majeure, acts of war, hostilities or terrorism, which prevent either continuation of a sale  which was made or proper participation in a sale;
40.5 If it becomes clear that the transaction and/or sale was accompanied by an illegal action of the buyer and/or any  third party;
40.6 If it becomes clear to Arkia and/or anyone on its behalf that the buyer may resell the product or service which it  purchased to a third party and/or to trade it.


41. Interpretation and enforcement of these Terms of Use and/or any act or dispute arising therefrom will be carried out in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.
42. In any event of a legal dispute, the courts in Israel will have the exclusive local authority to deliberate the lawsuit.
43. It is hereby agreed that any lawsuit and/or claim of the passenger against Arkia must be presented to the Company in writing no later than 30 days after the passenger returns to his place of residence.
44. The Terms of Use were last updated on ______________ and may be changed at any time by Arkia, at its sole discretion.
45. The Company's address: Dov Hoz Airport P.O. B. 39301, Tel Aviv 61392.

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